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Improving Generation Performance

A few tips and tricks for improving generation performance for both on CPUs and GPUs. (note that with these tricks, you cannot train the model afterwards!)



PyTorch has the ability to quantize models on the CPU. Currently, it will only quantize the Linear layer of GPT-2, but the generation performances increases 15% — 25%; far from trivial!

To quantize a model after it's loaded, just run:




Certain GPUs, notably the cheap T4 and the expensive V100, support the ability to process models using FP16, giving massive speed and memory improvements,

Assuming you are using a compatable GPU and already have apex installed, you can convert a model to the "half" FP16 mode with this:


If you want to convert the model before loading it into GPU memory (which may help avoid memory leaks), you can instantiate the model like this:

ai.to_fp16(to_gpu=True, to_fp16=True)

With this, you can generate massive amounts of text from even the GPT-2 1.5B model!