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Colaboratory Notebooks

You cannot finetune OpenAI's GPT-2 models on CPU (and not even on some consumer GPUs). Therefore, there are a couple Google Colaboratory notebooks, which provide a GPU suitable for finetuning a model.

The Colab Notebooks also contain utilities to make it easier to export the model to Google Drive during and after training.

Finetuning OpenAI's Model

Colab Notebook

A Notebook for finetuning OpenAI's model on a GPU. This is the most common use case.

124M Only

Currently you can only finetune the 124M OpenAI GPT-2 model.

Training Your Own GPT-2 Model

Colab Notebook

A Notebook for creating your own GPT-2 model with your own tokenizer. See the Model From Scratch on the advantages and disadvantages of this approach.